Diversity is not enough – Inclusion is required to be successful together.

Jor-DI Consulting is the result of a vision about collaboration that enables everybody to use her/his full potential.

Focus of the activities is to enable you to use your own unique potential, benefit from the differences in a group of people, a team, a company and create an environment where different people can become successful together.

The positive impact of diversity has been an in-depth research topic in behavioral economics and confirmed in numerous scientific studies.

The basis of the consulting approach is the conviction that sustainable and repeatable top performance of individuals and teams can only be achieved in an environment of empathy, goodwill and mutual acceptance.

An important question is not whether Diversity is required, because there already is some Diversity in a team, a company. The question rather is whether the existing Diversity is the “right” Diversity for the business context and if not; how this “right” diversity can be accomplished and how existing gaps can be closed.

Gender diversity or the generation mix are actively addressed at the moment. More importantly the difference in personality, work and communication style, experience and cultural imprint should be looked at.

But diversity is not enough. In order to make the “mix” work, it needs the ability of leaders and colleagues to value uniqueness and diversity, provide an environment that allows individuals to use their full potential, an environment with processes, work models and structures, that support diverse requirements. This is what I understand as Inclusion.