Which Diversity & Inclusion do you need to be successful in the long run?

Goals and Measures

  • What is your Diversity & Inclusion vision and what are your goals?
  • What are your priorities for the next 3 years?
  • Which measures are required?


  • Your Diversity & Inclusion goals are defined and support your business
  • You know what is required to achieve your goals


  • Who is responsible for implementing the measures and achieving your Diversity & Inclusion goals?
  • What are the prerequisites to make the responsible people successful?


  • You have defined the responsibilities and structures, which ensure the successful implementation of Diversity & Inclusion


  • What is the status of Diversity & Inclusion in your company?
  • Do you need additional information?
  • Which key performance indicators are necessary?


  • You have transparency, are able to monitor your progress
  • You are able to implement the required corrective measures in time

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