How do you attract and retain those employees you need to be successful?

Employer Branding and Communication

  • Are your Diversity & Inclusion activities part of your brand promise?
  • Have you successfully communicated about your Diversity & Inclusion goals internally and externally?


  • Diversity & Inclusion is an integral part of your employer brand and communication content is defined

Working Models

  • Do you provide up to date working models (e.g. job sharing, job splitting, flexibility in regard to time and place)?
  • Can you ensure that new working models are successfully introduced?


  • You offer an optimal mix of working models and have processes defined to successfully introduce new models

Human Resources Processes and Equal Pay

  • Do you have solid human resources processes (e.g. recruitment, promotion etc.) that are not negatively impacted by unconsious bias?
  • Do you provide equal pay in your company?


  • You have reduced unconscious bias in your processes
  • Measures are defined to ensure equal pay

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